"Designer Secrets of a Perfectly Styled Bathroom" at

Our Modern Waterloo Residence was featured on for bathroom style tips!
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"144 Gorgeous Homes Around the Globe" at

It was an honor to have our Modern Silverlake Residence hand-picked and featured in the beautiful compilation “144 Gorgeous Homes Around the Globe” on The video features a variety of picture-perfect living spaces and expert photography.  Check out the awe-inspiring collection of homes for yourself, and keep an eye out for the beautiful views from our Silverlake residence around 6:47!

"Must-Try Bedroom Ideas" at 

The clean, modern white walls in our Silverlake home were featured in’s feature on “must-try bedroom ideas”! This minimal interior design choice is the perfect complement for the floor to ceiling windows and spectacular views of Los Angeles. Carley gives her advice on how to choose the perfect shade of white- she finds an off-the-shelf white to be the most universal.

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"Sleek Kitchen Design Highlights the View" at 

Our Modern Waterloo Residence offers a view of the Los Angeles Skyline so incredible that Carley centered her design around it; making conscious design choices to ensure the skyline went unobstructed. The house features an open floor plan so you can enjoy the view from the both kitchen and living areas. Floor to ceilings windows accentuate the views and lend to the open feeling. This article on details key elements throughout the kitchen, and Carley’s choice to keep the skyline in mind throughout her process.