Must-Try Bedroom Idea

One of our beautiful Waterloo homes was featured in an article by Mitchell Parker from The article titled, 3 Must-Try Ideas for Your Bedroom Project, explores bedroom design tips and tricks. Check out Carley's #1 tip for keeping a bedroom design modern, bright and easy to work with in this excerpt from the article. 

Homeowner's Request:
This home was built on spec for a future owner. Carley Montgomery acted as the architectural designer, interior designer, general contractor and developer. She envisioned modern clean lines and flexible living space for this house, which could be used as a guest house, an office or an artist's studio.

Designer secret:
Plain white walls. "Everyone gets all crazy trying to pick the perfect white," Montgomery says. "While in many circumstances this is vital to match the furniture or warm a space with a hint of color, I find off-the-shelf white is the most universal, easy and safe color for modern homes." 

Plan of Attack:
Montgomery designed the home from the ground up, positioning it to capitalize on unobstructed views. Large floor-to-ceiling windows bring in light and views of downtown Los Angeles, which Montgomery wanted to highlight by keeping the interior design minimal. "It's incredible at night," she says. "The desk behind the sofa allows you to work and also enjoy the view."

Photography by Eric Charles Photography.

Photography by Eric Charles Photography.

Why the design works: 
"This entire space is only 560 square feet and feels so much larger," Montgomery says. "The ceilings are vaulted, creating a loft-like feel. But the flow of the space is what really works. We fit a full kitchen, full bath, dining area, living area, desk and bed in the space, and it doesn't feel crowded. This has everything to do with the placement of the entry door, kitchen and bathroom inside the space. It is vital to place your furniture on your plan when in design so that you maintain flow through the finished space."

"Uh-oh" Moment:
"If this were a project being built for a homeowner, there would have been numerous 'uh-oh' moments. There always are," Montgomery says. "Being that this is my business and I'm acting as owner representative, designer and contractor, decisions are quite simple. The only issue is trying to anticipate what the buyer of the property is going to want. It's like working for a mystery client."

The value of well-planned and thought-out design.

Photography by Eric Charles Photography.

Photography by Eric Charles Photography.

Team Involved:
Jordan Christian (artist); Corbin Poorboy of The Here Co. (styling); Eric Charles (photographer)

Our home was only one of three beautiful homes featured in this article!
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