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New Utopia Inc. is an innovative and holistic design firm who is passionate about building relationships and community through conscious design. New Utopia practices Design Thinking to integrate innovative solutions for your home or business. The core of New Utopia is a design build team committed to building relationships with each step of the design and build process.  Their passion for conscious building allows businesses, communities, and the environment to thrive in a world of well-being and sustainability. New Utopia offers design consultations, project management, and construction services for residential, commercial and real estate development.  New Utopia is committed to helping small and micro business flourish through a connected business community and a wide array of business services including marketing, business development and coaching.  



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Carley Montgomery

Carley founded New Utopia Inc. with the support and encouragement of the late visionary and supporter of the Arts, Greg Escalante, to embody the teachings of Buckminister Fuller to "create a new model that makes the old one obsolete".  She is passionate about creating new ways in which we do business to support small producers of artesian products, artists, designers, creatives, healers, and educators by developing networks based on sovereign businesses supporting each other.  

With dreams of a day when the corporate wasteful and disposable economy is replaced by a trade based economy that creates community she left Los Angeles to pursue her passions.  Currently she is working to create connection for people with the earth, their food and their medicine by supporting education at a local level through events, retreats and with educational centers and through her ambassadorship with NU Mundo.  

Recognizing that the only way to heal is to allow the body to heal itself by providing it with the right environment externally and internally. Externally she combines her design and construction background with her passion to provide healing spaces for people to decompress from the toxic stresses of life by working with various properties including Finca Divina Vida in Costa Rica.  As a classically trained chef Carley went on to pursue the healing arts through food as medicine.  She incorporates diet and movement into the internal aspects of healing through working with living foods, fasting and detox.  

Carley is passionate about empowering people to discover and live their authentic self including the way in which they pursue their livelihood as an integral part of their being.  Currently you can find her traveling through Central America helping local artesians and producers get their products to market inspiring people to live non toxic and creative lives.  You can learn more about her projects on her personal website or schedule a design or business consultation with her directly by emailing her at


Kathleen Mahoney

Kathleen Mahoney has spent the past 20-plus years cultivating the art of a perfectly balanced career. In the competitive Southern California marketplace, few real estate agents offer their clients the diversity of professional knowledge that Kathleen has achieved. With her vast experience in real estate sales, management, renovation, investment property ownership, residential and business project coordinating, interior design, restaurant consulting and ownership, and special event production, Kathleen has an eye for detail and an unmatched ability to get things done the way her clients want them.

Early in her career, Kathleen mastered the art of hospitality. She is founder and producer of Rhythm Fest, an annual music, theatre and arts festival. She soon established herself as a restaurant consultant, moving on to restaurant ownership. She explored her creative talents as an interior designer, working with some of the city’s top restaurants and nightclubs, as well as private residences.

For the past 13 years, as a real estate agent, she helps her clients sell or buy their perfect home, and complements this with the ability to assist in home renovation and design. Kathleen also has the unique advantages and insights of a Los Angeles native and is intimately familiar with both the obvious attributes and the hidden secrets of the region’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Kathleen also has the unique advantages and insights of a Los Angeles native and is intimately familiar with both the obvious attributes and the hidden secrets of the region’s most desirable neighborhoods.